About Us

There are over 10,000 car care products on the market today. Knowing which products are right for your car can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.

Great vehicles need great advice, and when you need advice, TheCarXpert is here to help.

Here at TheCarXpert, we provide educational tips, tricks and product reviews about a wide range of the latest car care products.

What We Do

Here at TheCarXpert, we know your vehicle isn’t just a car. It’s your ride to work, your people mover and your greatest collectable. However, your car is also an investment. One that costs the average American $773.50 a month, and depreciates by an average of $3,334 every year.

You need great car products, and you need them at the right price for you. We understand that every car is different and special.

Here at TheCarXpert, we provide honest information about the latest car care products. From budget-friendly to break-the-bank, we review the price, quality of value for money on a wide range of car products – from Carnauba Wax to Car Batteries.

Our articles are based on decades of product and industry research and reflect the advice of car care experts internationally. Whether you drive a Toyota Camry or an Alfa Romeo 159, TheCarXpert can help you drive better and look better doing it.

Our Mission

TheCarXpert provides up-to-date information on a wide range of car care products, to help you choose the right product for you, your budget and your vehicle.

How TheCarXpert’s Was Founded

TheCarXpert was founded by Said Hamidi. A lifelong car lover, Said was frustrated by the biased car care advice available online. While there’s plenty of great advice for classic car lovers with bottomless pockets, car owners on a budget love their vehicles too.

Said started TheCarXpert with a mission to give all car owners an objective, unbiased resource that understands that every vehicle’s needs are different. So, he started TheCarXpert – to help all car lovers care for their vehicle, no matter their climate, budget, or lifestyle. Today, TheCarXpert continues to act as an independent resource for car owners. We test and review a wide range of car care products – from budget choices to the big brands.

What Products Do We Test?

We are committed to testing and reviewing a wide range of car care products – from Carnauba Wax to Car Batteries. We will review any product that is used in a car, both internally and externally. Products featured on our site come from major brands, niche brands and Amazon-only brands. All products featured in our reviews are available for purchase and can be found on Amazon.

When testing products, we are always careful to review a range of cheap, moderately priced and expensive products. While we are dedicated to representing a wide range of car care products, we cannot review every product on the market in our buying guides.

If you would like us to review a specific product, please contact us here.

Our Product Review Process

When creating product reviews and buying guides, we follow a strict review writing process. All reviews are the opinion of our writers and car care experts. Before we start reviewing, we gather a list of all the products, sorting them by three main criteria. All products reviewed on our website are judged with this criterion, which includes including ‘Price’, ‘Type’ and ‘Works Best On’.


We do not state a product’s exact Recommended Retail Price (RRP), as these are subject to change at Amazon’s discretion. Instead, we use the following rating scale to evaluate price:

Recommended Retail Price (RRP)Symbol
<$75 USD$
$76 - 150 USD$$
$151 - 220 USD$$$


All products we review have a ‘type’. The ‘type’ of product changes depending on the product we review. For example, car wax can either be a ‘Natural Car Wax’ or a ‘Synthetic Car Wax’. Type is used to make important distinctions between different sub-categories of products, as different types of products are suited to different uses.

Works Best On

The criteria ‘works best on’ is always the last criteria we include. This is designed to tell you what type of vehicle and climate the product functions best in. Car care products are environmentally subjective, as anything going into your vehicle is affected by how often you use your vehicle, the climate you live in and how frequently you perform car maintenance.

After we have ranked products by their main criteria, we use product reviews to discover what consumers are looking for when they buy a product. This gives us our review criteria, which changes depending on the product we are reviewing. For example, while ‘Warranty’ is an important criterion for batteries, it will not apply to all products (like car wax). Similarly, criteria like “Wax Type” does not apply to car batteries.

Once we have created review criteria, we systematically test and review each product. While many review websites give the products they review a rating, we do not do this at TheCarXpert. Instead, we believe that each product is suited to a different vehicle and a different car owner. While one product might be a 5/5 for a 4WD in Florida, it might be a 1/5 for a 2WD in Alaska.

How We Make Money

TheCarXpert is committed to remaining an objective, third-party resource for car care products. We are not part of, nor affiliated with any car or car care companies. As an independent company, we generate revenue through the Amazon Affiliate program.

As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn a commission of up to 10% every time you purchase a product through a link provided on our website. As a reader, Amazon Affiliate links will not cost you anything, nor affect your purchase in any way. You can read more about the Amazon Affiliates program here.

Affiliate links simply allow us to fund TheCarXpert while providing tips, tricks and advice free from sponsors or brand bias.

TheCarXpert does not receive compensation from any of the products reviewed on our website. Equally, we do not accept compensation in exchange for a favorable review. Here at TheCarXpert, we are committed to remaining unbiased and independent so we can provide our readers with the best car care advice.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to make any product review suggestions, please feel free to contact us here. We value all our readers, and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of our readers. If you would like to read our Privacy Policy, you can do so here.